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Our Story


Riviera Kids was created by a mummy of 3 little girls who were all born in the  COTE D'AZUR and spent a considerable amount of time in bathing suits at the beach.  After leaving Monaco the family settled in Malta for a few years to continue enjoying the Mediterranean climate before once again moving. This time to London, England where the girls began modelling in photo-shoots and fashion shows. It was obvious children were becoming more interested and involved in their fashion sense and style at an earlier age, but they didn't seem to know the impact their clothing choices had on the environment.

As a mother I felt I had a responsibility to teach my children the importance of protecting the environment; to purchase quality over quantity and ensure the clothing they choose was made ethically. 

Our love for the French Rivera was the inspiration behind this label. This region will forever be synonymous with style, glamour and beauty. I really wanted to create a swimwear line where children can look  fabulous and feel confident at the beach but also make a positive impact on the environment. Giving them something to feel proud about .  

Merci mille fois et bisous



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